Samsung UN65JU6500 65" 4K UHD LED Smart TV(3840 x 2160) - 120 Motion Rate Wi-Fi - DTS Audio - 4 HDMI - 3 USB (57.6"W x 35"H x 12.5"D)

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Samsung UN65JU6500 65" 4K UHD LED Smart TV(3840 x 2160) - 120 Motion Rate Wi-Fi - DTS Audio - 4 HDMI - 3 USB (57.6"W x 35"H x 12.5"D)
Brand: Samsung
Summary: Samsung UN65JU6500 65" 4K UHD LED Smart TV(3840 x 2160) - 120 Motion Rate Wi-Fi - DTS Audio - 4 HDMI - 3 USB (57.6"W x 35"H x 12.5"D)
Category: 4K-ULTRA-HD-TV
Model: un65ju6500
UPC: 887276075679
Description: Samsung UN65JU6500 65" 4K UHD LED Smart TV(3840 x 2160) - 120 Motion Rate Wi-Fi - DTS Audio - 4 HDMI - 3 USB (57.6"W x 35"H x 12.5"D)
Series: JU6500
Color: Black
Retail: $2,099.00
Color: Black
Built-in Wifi: Yes
Processor: Quad Core
Remote Control Type: Standard
Simulated Surround: Yes
Sleep Timer: Yes
HDTV Tuner: Yes
TV Speaker Power: 10W
TV Speakers: 2
Width: (inches)57.6
Height: (inches)35.0
Weight: (pounds)60.6
Depth: (inches)12.5
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Shipping Weight: (pounds)72.8
Shipping Height: (pounds)37.5
Shipping Width: (inches)65.8
Shipping Depth: (inches)7.3
Shipping Type: Freight


Backlighting Technology: sam:Full Array Backlighting
Color Technology: sam:PURCOLOR
Display Resolution: 4k
Motion Technology: sam:Motion Rate 120
Screen Refresh Rage: 120Hz
Diagonal Screen Size : 64.5
Local Dimming: Yes
Screen Design: Flat
TV Technology Type: LED


Detachable Stand: Yes
TV Depth with Stand: 12.5
TV Depth without Stand: 2.5
TV Height with Stand: 35
TV Height without Stand: 57.6
Wall Mountable: Yes
TV Weight with Stand: 60.6
TV Weight without Stand: 52.2

Inputs & Outputs

RF Input: 1
Analog Audio Output: Yes
Component Input: 1
Component Composite Input Shared : Yes
Composite Input: 1
Ethernet Port: 1
HDMI Inputs: 4
Headphone Jack: Yes
Optical Audio Out: 1
RS-232C Input: 1
USB Ports: 3

Smart Features and Streaming

Smart TV: Yes
Smart TV Sharing or Hub Program: sam:Connectshare Movie
Android Compatible: Yes
Amazon Prime Streaming: Yes
Instant Content Hulu: Yes
Instant Content Netflix: Yes
Instant Content Pandora: Yes
Instant Content Rhapsody: Yes
Instant Content Skype: Yes
Instant Content Vudu: Yes
Instant Content Youtube: Yes
iOS Compatible: Yes
Web Browser: Yes

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Key Specs

4K UHD TV with Full Array BacklightingFlat TVDimming Technology: UHD Dimming
Smart View 2.0: YesHDMI: 4ENERGY STAR® Certified: Yes

Product Features

  • Quad-Core Processor

    Enjoy a fluid browsing experience and faster control – switching between apps, streaming content, and other media effortlessly.
  • Motion Rate 120

    Enjoy improved fast-action moving picture resolution at Motion Rate 120 with outstanding refresh rate, processing speed and backlight technology.
  • Contrast Enhancer

    Experience a greater sense of depth with optimized contrast across multiple zones of the screen.
  • Ultra Clear Panel

    Get the best picture with minimized glare from any angle with a screen that absorbs ambient light, reduces reflections, and lets the picture come to life.
  • Briefing on TV

    Have your Samsung Smart TV act as an alarm, and sync up with your other Samsung mobile devices. Use the large screen to display important items such as the time, weather, and your daily schedule.
  • 4K UHD

    Enjoy incredible picture crispness and dramatic detail, no matter how big the screen, with 4X the resolution of full HD.
  • Full Web Browser

    Easily browse the web right on your TV — enjoy everything from online shopping and social media to entertainment news.*
  • Smart TV

    Access your favorite program choices, live TV, video on demand, apps, and social media in one easy-to-browse navigation experience.
  • UHD Dimming

    Experience UHD picture quality with deeper blacks, purer whites, brighter colors, and enhanced detail in every image
  • PurColor

    Enjoy incredible shades of color, as nature intended, with technology that accurately blends primary and secondary colors for spectacular picture performance.
  • ConnectShare™ Movie

    Plug your favorite entertainment and media into your TV – watch videos, play music, or view photos through a USB connection.
  • UHD Upscaling

    Upgrade all lower resolution media to a stunning near ultra high-definition experience with enhanced detail and optimized picture quality.



    Complies with the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® 4K Ultra High-Definition Connected specification requirements.

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