Genuine Replacement Lamp - 915P049020 MITSUBISHI LAMP

MSRP: $289.95

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Battery Technology Replacement Lamp 915P049020-BTI Projector Lamps
Brand: Mitsubishi
Summary: Battery Technology Replacement Lamp 915P049020-BTI Projector Lamps
Category: DLP-LAMP
Model: 915P049020
UPC: 886734000437
Description: Genuine Replacement Lamp - 915P049020 MITSUBISHI LAMP
Series: Standard
Color: Black
Retail: $289.95
Color: Black
Shipping Weight: (pounds)1.0
Shipping Height: (pounds)5.0
Shipping Width: (inches)5.0
Shipping Depth: (inches)6.0
Shipping Type: Non Freight

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