lamp test

Free In Shop Instant Lamp Testing

One of the major benefits of owning a DLP TV is that you can replace your TV's bulb, and it's back to being as good as the day it was purchased! That means that with regular maintenance, your TV will last you until the day you choose to stop using it.

If you think your DLP television's lamp needs to be replaced, Walt's can help you know for sure! You can usually tell that your bulb needs to be changed if your picture begins to dim or flicker. If your picture looks cloudy as opposed to dim, the problem is most likely not related to the lamp. Bring your DLP TV in to our store and we can test your lamp for free! If we find that your lamp is in need of replacing, we can help you replace it with no labor charge.

What have you got to lose? Take advantage of the Walt's Free Lamp Test program today.