Need Service on your TV?

If your TV is under a warranty then proceed with warranty repair service in most cases

Here is a list of Contacts to start the repair process. In most cases simply calling the Manufacturer will start the repair or exchange process.

  • Samsung at 1-800-SAMSUNG(726-7864)
  • Sharp Call 1-866-848-1144
  • LG Call 800 243-0000
  • Vizio at 877 MY VIZIO(877-698-4946)
  • Sony Call 1-888-222-7669
  • Service Contract from Dealer. Contact Dealer First
  • Other Brands just Google for the Brand Service and contact the Manufacturer First

If your TV is no longer covered by a warranty

If it is out of warranty, then in most cases it is not worth it to attempt a repair. The process is expensive and time​-consuming. Of ​course there are exceptions​,​ but ​they are ​so few that after 55 years of fixing ​televisions we have shut down our repair department except for Service Contract Repairs for our customers.

However, you should always verify that the TV is actually defective. Many people assume that their TV is defective when it is not. ​You should have it checked or follow our HowTo on determining if your TV is defective.

​Defective means that ​there is a hardware malfunction or defect​ as opposed to some external issue like other attached equipment. In other words​,​ a technician must replace a part inside the TV. Many ​television problems are in fact a problem with the connected equipment, settings​,​ firmware​,​ and other possible incompatibilities that can arise with a change in the system. ​

Walts offers ​3 ​options to help you determine if your ​television is defective. We call this service Defective TV Verification​.

  • In-home TV/System Operation Troubleshooting for $29.95. We will come to your home​, ​figure out what the problem is​,​ and provide recommendations and solutions. If it is under our service ​contract​,​ we will start the repair process at that poi​nt. ​​If it is under our service contract​,​ you will not have to pay the 29.95 ​​if ​your TV is defective.
  • In-shop carry​-in defective TV Verification is free!
  • Free Online ​​How​​To ​guide ​to verify ​whether your TV is defective.

Service Area

Walt's is proud to service the following locations: Ahwatukee, Chandler, East Phoenix, Fountain Hills, Gilbert, Mesa, Paradise Valley, Queen Creek, Rio Verde, San Tan Valley, Scottsdale, Sun Lakes, & Tempe.

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Please note that there is a $29.95 charge for an In-home TV/System Operation Troubleshooting. Any additional costs should be discussed before work is performed.

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Is this set covered by a warranty?