Samsung BD-H5900 3D Blu Ray Player - Built in WiFi - Dolby True HD - Smart simulator - Opera TV - (14.2"w x 7.7"d x 1.6"h) (Black)

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Samsung BD-H5900 3D Blu Ray Player - Built in WiFi - Dolby True HD - DTS Surround - Dolby Digital Plus - Smart simulator - Opera TV - 1 HDMI/ 1 USB - (14.2"w x 7.7"d x 1.6"h) (Black)
Brand: Samsung
Summary: Samsung BD-H5900 3D Blu Ray Player - Built in WiFi - Dolby True HD - DTS Surround - Dolby Digital Plus - Smart simulator - Opera TV - 1 HDMI/ 1 USB - (14.2"w x 7.7"d x 1.6"h) (Black)
Model: BD-H5900
MPN: BD-H5900
UPC: 887276963716
Description: Samsung BD-H5900 3D Blu Ray Player - Built in WiFi - Dolby True HD - Smart simulator - Opera TV - (14.2"w x 7.7"d x 1.6"h) (Black)
Series: Standard
Color: Black
Retail: $129.99
Color: Black
3D Capability: Yes
Remote Control Type: Standard
DTS Surround Decoding: Yes
Dolby Surround Decoding: Yes
Blu-ray Capability: Yes
Wireless Capablity: Yes
Streaming Capability: Yes
Video Up Conversion: Yes
Dolby TrueHD Audio Processing: Yes
Dolby Digital Plus Audio Processing: Yes
DTS-HD High Resolution Audio: Yes
Width: (inches)14.2
Height: (inches)1.6
Weight: (pounds)1.1
Depth: (inches)7.7
Promo Tag: Low Price Guarantee No Sales Tax Outside AZ
Link To Manufacturer Product Detail Page:
Shipping Weight: (pounds)4.0
Shipping Height: (pounds)3.1
Shipping Width: (inches)15.8
Shipping Depth: (inches)10.6
Shipping Type: Non Freight

Inputs & Outputs

USB Ports: 1
3D Pass-Through: Yes
Total HDMI Outputs: 1
Optical Digital Audio Outputs: 1

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Product Features

  • 3D Blu-ray™

    Experience jaw-dropping Full HD reality in both 2D and 3D.* Enjoy the latest Hollywood 3D titles and watch as your favorite characters practically leap off the screen when you pair this Blu-ray player with a 3D TV* and 3D active shutter glasses.

    *3D TV, active shutter glasses and 3D content required.
  • HD Upconversion

    With HD Upconversion, non-HD video is auto-enhanced to bring you near-HD quality. You'll see your favorite titles with greater detail and clarity that you've never seen before.

    HDTV required.
  • Wi-Fi LAN Built-In

    With Built in Wi-Fi, you can access all your Smart Blu-ray features and apps wirelessly. Sync and stream content to other devices as well, such as PCs, smartphones, tablets and cameras using Samsung AllShare.
  • Apps Built-in for Streaming

    Discover more entertainment and enjoy streaming services from built-in Content Partners + Opera TV Apps directly from your Home Theater System that lets you stream music, movies, TV shows and more.*

    *Some apps may require additional fees or subscriptions. Internet access required.
  • Quick Start Mode

    Your Smart Blu-ray Player is ready when you are in as little as 0.5 seconds. Most other Blu-ray players take up to 10 seconds. Stop waiting and start watching.
  • Miracast

    Miracast allows you to watch content from your TV on your mobile devices, using the Blu-ray Player. Connect wirelessly and enjoy TV entertainment on your portable devices.
  • USB

    Get complete access to stored audio and video files from any USB memory drive or external hard drive. This wide range of compatibility allows you to connect and share content via USB.
  • HDMI

    Connect your TV and audio systems for higher quality audio and a better entertainment experience when watching your favorite movies, shows and sports. The HDMI connection transmits video and audio over a single cable.
  • Dolby® Digital Plus

    Optimizes the TV sound quality when viewing and listening to Internet movies, Internet music and other content played back from wired or wireless mobile phones, PCs and tablet devices.
  • Dolby True HD

    Processes standard 2-channel stereo audio tracks to deliver a full range surround sound effect with enhanced bass and dialog clarity.
  • DTS Surround

    Decodes DTS-encoded content, such as TV shows, Blu-ray movies and streaming media, and processes stereo content to deliver an optimized surround sound experience with enhanced bass response, clear dialog and consistent volume levels.

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