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Brand: Legends Furniture
Category: CREDENZA
Model: SK1575.MOC
UPC: sk1575.moc
Description: SKYLINE 76" CONSOLE
Series: Standard
Color: Black
Retail: $1,299.00
Color: Black
Promo Tag: You do not have to pay more, just call us!
Shipping Weight: (pounds)300.0
Shipping Type: Freight

Should you purchase your tv online or at a local store?

Posted on 3:19pm on Tuesday 5th May 2015 by Walts
The safe answer is at a local store. But, there are many factors that you should consider.

Pros of purchasing your TV online:
  • Price (sometimes)
  • Selection
  • Available Stock
  • Product Reviews
  • Simple Returns (small items)
Pros of purchasing your TV at a local store:
  • You can see the product before you purchase.
  • Inexpensive Setup and Installation Options (The dealer is making money on the products too, so they do not have to charge as much ).
  • It helps your local economy.
  • TV repair service from dealer after return period is over.
  • No damage issues to speak of.
Cons of purchasing your TV online:
  • Dammage Dammage Dammage. Large Items mostly.
  • Price is sometimes effectively fixed from authorized dealers (Of course you can always call them).
  • You can not see, touch or hear what you are buying without a "show rooming trip"
  • Shipping Time of large items.
  • Shipping larger more complex products can be an issue (UPS, FedEx less so) But LTL (for large Tv's Appliances and furniture).
  • Returns are a real hassle for non UPS and Fedex.
  • Installation options are limited at best and are more expensive.
Cons of purchasing your TV at a local store:
  • Price with tax can be higher.
  • You have to drive instead of click.
  • Bad salespeople.
  • Selection and available stock can be limited.

In the end it is a personal decision and yours to make.
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