Samsung HW-J6500 Curved Soundbar - 6.1 Channel Speaker System - Wireless Multiroom - 300 Watts: 168W Sub, 13W Soundbar (Black) (42.44"w x 5.08"d x 1.87"h)

MSRP: $549.99

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Samsung HW-J6500 Curved Soundbar - 6.1 Channel Speaker System - Wireless Multiroom - 300 Watts: 168W Sub, 13W Soundbar (Black) (42.44"w x 5.08"d x 1.87"h)
Brand: Samsung
Summary: Samsung HW-J6500 Curved Soundbar - 6.1 Channel Speaker System - Wireless Multiroom - 300 Watts: 168W Sub, 13W Soundbar (Black) (42.44"w x 5.08"d x 1.87"h)
Category: SOUNDBAR
Model: HW-J6500
MPN: HW-J6500
UPC: 887276076515
Description: Samsung HW-J6500 Curved Soundbar - 6.1 Channel Speaker System - Wireless Multiroom - 300 Watts: 168W Sub, 13W Soundbar (Black) (42.44"w x 5.08"d x 1.87"h)
Series: Standard
Color: Black
Retail: $549.99
Color: Black
Channels: 6.1
Subwoofer: Yes
Power Range: 300W
Ethernet Port: Yes
Subwoofer Size: 7"
Wall Mountable: Yes
Wireless Speakers: Yes
Frequency Response: 20Hz 20kHz
Bluetooth Speakers: Yes
Wireless connectivity: Yes
Width: (inches)42.4
Height: (inches)1.9
Weight: (pounds)6.0
Depth: (inches)5.1
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Shipping Weight: (pounds)26.5
Shipping Height: (pounds)18.9
Shipping Width: (inches)44.7
Shipping Depth: (inches)8.1
Shipping Type: Non Freight


Speaker Type: Soundbar
Product finish: Black
Enclosure Type: Sealed

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Key Specs

Number of Channels: 6.1ChBluetooth® Total Power (W): 300W
Bluetooth®Power On: YesWiFi: N/ATV SoundConnect: Yes

Product Features

  • 300 Watts: 168W Sub, 132W soundbar

    With 300W total power output, including 168W to the Soundbar and 132W to the Wireless Subwoofer, this Samsung Soundbar allows you to add rich, dynamic audio to your existing home theater setup.
  • Wireless Active Subwoofer

    Feel the action of your favorite movies, shows and sports with dynamic, powerful bass for a lifelike home entertainment experience.
  • HDMI In/Out

    Enjoy your favorite movies, shows and sports with higher quality audio. The HDMI® connection transmits digital video and audio over a single cable, delivering a superior entertainment experience.
  • TV Sound Connect™

    Enjoy a clutter-free home entertainment system. TV SoundConnect lets you instantly enjoy movies, music, and TV shows with clearer, more impactful sound.*
  • TV Matching Curved Design

    Enhance the look and sound of your TV with the sleek design of the Curved Soundbar. The distinctive curved design blends seamlessly with your curved TV.
  • Dolby Digital® 5.1 channel

    Dolby® Digital delivers the ultimate in high-quality, 5.1 channel audio for a truly cinematic home entertainment experience.
  • 6.1 Channel System

    Enjoy a full, dynamic home audio experience with expanded depth and clarity.
  • 7" Ported Bass Reflex Subwoofer

    Feel the full power of all your favorite movies and TV shows. Enhance your TV audio with built-in woofers that produce a rich bass sound within the compact Soundbar profile.
  • Multiroom Link

    Enjoy your favorite streaming services, as well as audio from your mobile device. Control the Soundbar and connect to your multiroom entertainment system.
  • Surround Sound Expansion

    Experience the full power and depth of your favorite movies and TV shows with a wholly optimized audio experience.
  • Bluetooth Power On

    Connect wirelessly for one-touch control of your Soundbar from Bluetooth®-compatible devices. Simply select the Soundbar for pairing and power it on automatically for a seamless home entertainment experience.

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