Repair FAQ

Q. Can you give me a rough idea over the phone of what it might cost to fix my TV?

A. Our service technicians often need to do research to provide an accurate quote for TV repair. While we don't offer phone estimates, Walt's does offer email repair estimates for $14.95. Please click here to purchase an email estimate. Once you have completed your purchase, email with your TV model number, a description of its symptoms, and any helpful pictures of your set. One of our experienced technicians will respond to your estimate within 24 hours (Monday-Friday).

Q. Can my TV be fixed in my home?

A. Sometimes. There are simple fixes like changing settings, replacing lamps that can be done in home, but some TV repairs need to be done in our factory authorized TV repair shop.

Q. When the Tech is at my home and presents me with options concerning taking my TV to their shop for repair, can I think about whether or not I would like the TV fixed and call back after they have left?

A. Yes, absolutely! However, if you would like us to come back and pick up your television, another trip charge will be applied.

Q. If I don't get the TV fixed, will the service Tech haul the TV away?

A. Maybe, if it is safe for both person and property then we will. But that is not included in our service charge. So if it requires more then one person or special handling additional charges may apply.

Q. What can I do with the TV if I do not want it repaired?

A. If you are able to transport it to our shop, we will dispose of it properly for you at no charge.

Q. Do you provide a loaner TV if our TV goes into your shop for repair?

A. No we do not.

Q. Do you buy used TVs to use for spare parts?

A. No.

Q. If I get a service call and do not get the TV repaired, will the trip charge go toward delivery of a new set?

A. Yes, it will.

Q. Do you service projectors/DVD players/VCR's/washers/dryers etc?

A. No. We only repair televisions.

Q. Do you sell parts?

A. The only parts that we sell are remotes and lamps for DLP/LCD projection TVs.