SANUS VMCA8B-01 Ceiling Mounting Plate 6" x 6"

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SANUS VMCA8B-01 Ceiling Mounting Plate 6" x 6"
Brand: Sanus Systems
Summary: SANUS VMCA8B-01 Ceiling Mounting Plate 6" x 6"
Model: VMCA8B-01
UPC: 793795361875
Description: SANUS VMCA8B-01 Ceiling Mounting Plate 6" x 6"
Series: Standard
Color: Black
Retail: $69.99
Color: Black
Width: (inches)6.0
Height: (inches)0.8
Depth: (inches)6.0
Promo Tag: Low Price Guarantee No Sales Tax Outside AZ
Link To Manufacturer Product Detail Page:
Shipping Weight: (pounds)2.0
Shipping Height: (pounds)0.8
Shipping Width: (inches)9.0
Shipping Depth: (inches)8.5
Shipping Type: Non Freight

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