OLED vs LED What is the real difference?

Posted on 7:29pm on Tuesday 13th January 2015 by Walt

OLED: Organic Light Emmiting Diode LED: Light Emmiting Diode. So the difference is one word. Organic . Who cares I did not like Chemistry anyway. Well guess what? By describing the two different tvs with these two terms many people are truly mislead. So first. LED TV is LCD TV with the back /side light […]

No 4k Content. Not so fast

Posted on 7:21pm on Tuesday 13th January 2015 by Walt

While everything is not in 4k , more and more each day is coming online. Amazon, Netflix, Sony and several small startups are pushing 4k content. So you may think that you should save your money and get a 4k TV next time. While I agree that may be the right decision in some cases, […]